Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

  • Memory upgrade is waiting for supplier. thursday it must be there #
  • Waiting for the memory upgrade to solve the server issues #
  • update requested for the memory upgrade. Tomorrow meeting with the hosting company about some harware upgrades. #
  • Harddisks will be replaced for SSD disks #
  • @smudge04 replied your ticket. See also my tweets for updates. in reply to smudge04 #
  • working on performance and creating some backups for the upgrades this week #
  • sorry for the downtime #
  • @DaveGorman what is your forum? did you try another template, maybe it is not supported in the template? in reply to DaveGorman #
  • @DaveGorman working on ther error message and performance. sorry. Subsilver template must be ok. I check in reply to DaveGorman #
  • @DaveGorman hi I checked, and posted a sticky post on your forum. Just create a new topic and sticky is at the bottem. in reply to DaveGorman #
  • Can't believe @big_ben_clock has over 31k followers and you know what he's gonna say next #
  • checking the sql server. Something wrong #

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