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PHPBB free domain

Make sure you register your free domain, just get a name with the price is zero: Go to your domain control panel and add a zone. Type: select A Point your free domain to The result is As you can see you get the message the forum does not exist. Thats correct we […]

PHPBB SQL database

Of course, you select the best free forum host with great features and uptime. But what if you want to leave? Check the supportforum of your free forum host if they can give you the SQL database. Nomally they can export and import your database! PHPBB hostst service: –Contact us if you want to import […]

Custom profile field anti spam

Sometimes you can get hit by some spam bots. A custom profile field required at the registration can be a solution. Also you can change it sometimes to make it more difficult. Goto Users and groups Chose the kind of question you want. (numbers, text and so on) Choose numbers Select display on registraion screen […]

Free Domain name

Full DNS control and domain management. CO.CC provides free DNS and MX services. Up to 2 free domain names. This also works great with google apps. Please post your comment if you try this!

Support forum is a hosted forum example

Our support forum is now moved to: So all featurs on the support forum are also available on  your own forum. So in the support forum you can test all phpbb3 features: phpBB 3 Features Sub-Forums Temporary Bans User Warnings Custom BBcode Creation Custom Profile/Registration Fields Advanced PM/Posting System Moderator Control Panel Color Ranks […]

Our Twitter account

We have created a new twitter account. The old one is still waiting for on a support ticket at twitter. New features and blogposts are posted on twitter. Als  is it possible to reply on messages so we have some realtime feedback. So please follow forumhost on twitter or use the twitter rss feed.

100 smilies for your forum?

You can use remote images for your forum. Jus go to your admin panel and click add multiple smilies . There you see the box to link new images from any online storage. This is also working for your topic Icons.  If you need online storage for you smilies collection you can use the free […]

PHPBB support

We have already our supportforum and our twitter account.  But I still need a place to post some nice tutorials and phpbb news. Also memebers can post their own tutorials of forum promotion tips. What is phpBB? Since its creation in 2000, phpBBâ„¢ has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. Like its […]